The story behind a bespoke garment is an intricate one. The most exciting and special element when getting a garment hand crafted is the detail and time put into the piece. This makes it a one off garment, it is not mass produced, it is individual and is created to the clients body, style and individual personality. No two bespoke garments are the same. This is the beauty of bespoke design.

To achieve the desired results you must be willing to invest your time when getting your garment made. The process from start to finish can take several weeks (or more) and several fittings to get the garment fitted perfectly to the clients body.

The first stage of the journey sees an initial discussion at my Design Studio. Myself and the client will discuss the design and purpose of the outfit. Is it for a special occasion? Are you planning on making that “wow” entrance at an evening event? Do you want to feel special and memorable at a wedding? If so, getting a garment made is right for you.

We go on to discuss fabric, detail, shape and embellishment.  At this stage I take the measurements of the client, we discuss neck lines, hem lengths and start to envisage the idea of the dress together.  

I will draw a quick sketch of the dress, and then go on to show some fabric swatches that will be suitable to your ideal dress. These may not be in your favoured colour but gives an idea into how the fabric drapes,feels, its weight and how much it will cost to have a garment made in a particular fabric. I now know what to look for when I'm researching fabrics for you and what to avoid, and you, the client feel comfortable about the process of production your garment will undergo before it hangs in your wardrobe. 

Once both parties are happy we are ready to get started, a deposit for confirmation of service is paid and another appointment is booked so we can choose a suitable fabric to create our garment.

It is now time for me to get searching for some gorgeous fabrics that I think will suit your style and style of garment being made. I also make a start on your toile. 

The toile is a vital part of the bespoke design service. Essentially a toile is a rough transition of your finished garment but only in a low priced fabric. This allows us to identify how well the fitting feels and leaves any room for alternations if necessary. This way we aren't cutting any expensive final fabrics and making all our changes on a more disposable fabric. It may seem a little odd trying on your toile fabric on your next fitting but I can assure you it is a vital element to completing your perfect dress. 

At this stage you choose and pay for your final fabrics. After your fitting with the toile I am ready to order your chosen fabrics and then its almost showtime. 

I begin to take apart your toile and get ready to cut our chosen final fabric. Once this is made a final fitting is needed to check all seams are in correct positioning and to finalise all areas of embellishment if necessary to your design. This is when I hand sew any laces, appliqués, buttons or embellishments to add the final “wow factor” to your dress. I leave these delicate details to almost the end of the process as it avoids wasting time during the ‘toile” stage and possibly having a change of shape or design and re do all this delicate, time consuming work. 

So there we have it, your dress is ready for collection, I know it can be quite daunting starting your bespoke experience so please feel free to call or email me if you have any other queries, I hope this post helps explain the process better and puts your mind at ease. 

C x