What's in store...

So the rush of the Fashion Teas is long in the past and I've found myself with a tone of work to be keeping out of mischief with. The sun has been blasting all day but I'm happy getting through my to-do list as I know I'll just worry if I haven't  gotten enough work done. 

I have been kept busy restocking the shops I sell my work in: Studio Souk and Grainne Maher:VAULT have both been topped up with some new goodies and its such a relief to know that everything looks good and is in store in time for summer. 



This week it has been all about HAIR for me as I've had one dress packed up and ready to go for the LO'real Colour Trophy finals in London and another outfit commissioned and in the making. Fingers crossed we have some winning looks!!!

I have also been working on creating and styling some looks for a cool salon on the Lisburn Road called Pure Hair. I always use these guys to style the hair on my own photoshoots so its been great working with them to achieve the look they want for their own collection of new looks. Below is a link to their Facebook page check them out-


Something I'm super excited on working on though is a short film myself and the guys I share the studio with are producing! It's about witches who fall in love and fall into a trance together; basically, I can't reveal too much but its going to be arty and weird and I can't wait to make some wacky pieces for it! We went out on location and found some cool places to shoot.

Last but not least I have finally bought myself a working desk to cut my patterns on! To most of you, you will think I am a total eejit but to those architects or illustrators or in fact anyone creative you will know the importance of a good working studio space. I have been braking my back cutting everything out on a low standard size table, so now after a trip to Ikea I am absolutely delighted with my new pattern cutting table. I am planning on doing some blog posts on "how to" for some simple dress patterns so this will be perfect for laying out! Stay tuned.

Until next week...C x

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