The Fabulous Fashion Teas at The Merchant Hotel

So after many weeks in the making my website is finally updated!

After receiving the photos from my photoshoot a few weeks back I have been dying to reveal them all on the site and show off all my hard work in the run up to my latest fashion show at the Merchant hotel.

After the success of the last "Fabulous Fashion Tea"  in October I was thrilled to be asked to showcase again for the Spring/Summer Season.

The shows are a great way to showcase your work in a fantastic venue and meet new cliental. The event also includes a pop up boutique in the Merchant which gives ticket holders and the general public the chance to have a browse and shop the new looks. Please don't hesitate to come visit me over the weekend!

So let's talk about the collection. I wear black ( or shades of) most days so it's quite challenging for me to work in brighter summer colours, but with this collection I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and choose a more colourful palette. (I have to admit I sneaked some charcoal greys in there but they go with the collection I promise.)

The main colour palette consists of nudes, pastel pinks and hints of Rose gold and metallics. I always like to work in striking fabrics, particularly leathers and suedes, and this season was no different. When I'm designing,I like to create some avant-garde pieces too as these are great for the catwalk and for photoshoots, and this collection debuts a chainmail dress!

The chainmail was tough to work with and totally chewed up my hands but it was worth it as it looks awesome. Obviously not a piece to wear out at night but it's perfect for catwalks, shoots and stylists. It was most recently used by Zuni Hair for their entry in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy awards.

I have also used a beautiful rose gold flecked suede as my choice of fabric. The suede is so beautiful and has a gorgeous distressed look as it pale pink background allows the Rose gold to sparkle when the light hits it. I made a pencil skirt and top with this and had some left over to make some body harnesses with chains.

So it's a few days before the show now and I still have a list of about 15 things I need to get through. My nerves are not as soul destroying as they were doing this first time around but I have to admit my anxiety is still coming in waves! I'll get there in the end I always do. I always put myself under pressure as I want the show to go as smoothly as possible. 

In the meantime a lot of prep goes on behind the scenes for these events. Each garment has to be steamed, labelled and priced, a running order needs sent off to the modelling agency so they can organise a smooth show and a price list needs printed off for everyone watching the show.

I also have to present and merchandise my Pop up Boutique with mirrors, displays for smaller items and rails to display my collection. Sounds simple but it's these small details that can stress you out last minute and cause extra hassle if not organised in advance.

Currently sewing on my labels to each garment and staying relatively calm. Yay! If you are interested in coming to see the show there are still a few tickets available, please see the link below and perhaps I will see you at Sundays show!

C x


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