Stuck in Summer

I don't know about you guys but I have been a summer slacker these past few weeks and the self employed guilt is really settling in. Yes, I understand taking time off is important but the two weeks I have spent doing my own thing haven't truly felt as relaxed as I had hoped. When I'm not in my studio or working on a project I get this niggling feeling in the back of my head about how I could be spending my time wiser. Ahh, the sweet artist guilt.  

So far the Summer has seen the end of my Sewing and Textiles Introduction classes and the prep of my second class: An intermediate class into Fashion Design. My class made cushion covers ( such as the one on the blog home screen), each one turned out so differently but equally fab! We are going to exhibit them in the University of Ulster foyer in September. As much as I loved doing the textile class I'm really looking forward to my "Fashion" class as Ill get to teach in my chosen and most favourite skills area! I am going to be showing the class how to design from the mannequin and from paper patterns and how to make appropriate fabric choices for certain garments. The class begins in September with limited spaces, if you want to  join the class or find out more please follow the link below to the Duncairn Culture and Arts Centre website below.

Its also that time of year again where I need to focus on preparation for my next Fabulous Fashion Teas at the Merchant. I have to plan 35 outfits for the event and organise a photoshoot, update my website and organise press before the event, its certainly a challenge but a fabulous one and I really love being part of the event. 

In the meantime I have been struggling to motivate myself since my time off and have been reading a lot of articles online and quotes on how to stay and keep motivated. 

There are a lot of suggestions about taking a break ( which obviously has not worked for me), drawing, reading or listening to different music, or approaching your practice differently. To be honest I have found none of the above helpful. How do you motivate and maintain your creative process? Everyone learns and develops so differently and its so important to do what feels right for you. All my searching has shown this, as what relates to a particular practice might be a total waste of time for yours! 

So Im going to do my old faithful trick of plugging on, working away at something, and doing some research and background work so at least I am more prepared for my up coming projects. 

Not only do I have the Merchant show to look forward to but another very exciting event in Derry in November! Stay tuned for more :)

C x

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