The countdown is on...

So the week is flying is as I prepare for my show at The Merchant for the “Fabulous Fashion Teas”. It’s safe to say I’m a nervous wreck as I’ve worked myself to the bone these past few weeks getting organised for it. The Merchant also recently received 5 AA stars so I feel this is extra pressure to truly impress on the day.

Being a Designer isn’t as glamorous as the media makes out. It takes a million behind the scenes hours to produce a show, or any said outfit for that matter. Garments need manufactured, models and running order need finalised, look books and websites need updated whilst juggling newspaper interviews, social media build up and actual set up and display for the final show. I was interviewed for the North Belfast News this week and the journalist was surprised as I told him of all the behind the scenes action. Working in Fashion is not all Catwalks and fancy clothes, behind them is me sourcing fabrics, sitting at my sewing machine for hours at a time and working into the eveningto get a garment finished. Not the shiny, glam scene you have probably imagined.

I’ve also found a shift in my priorities this week; make myself something nice for lunch or grab a packet of crisps to save time, spend time picking out a nice outfit for my day in the studio or wear gym gear( and obviously not going anywhere near the place, don’t judge me ).  So yeah, I am attempting to be organised so my show looks as fantastic as possible. In case you’re interested and aren’t able to come to the actual show you can browse the “Pop Up Boutiques” in The Merchant all weekend. The hotel is so beautiful and will definitely be a lovely shopping experience for you. 

In the meantime I am writing this post in said gym gear, with my “to do” list by my side eating the remainder of the box of Quality street and it’s mostly the yellow ones left (I’ll eat them eventually). None the less I am running on adrenaline and totally buzzing for my show, the countdown is on! C x


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